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Will the same Special Deposit Products I maintained with former CCB still be valid?

No, the deposit products you maintained with former CCB will no longer be valid. You have already received a letter from Hellenic Bank for certain products, explaining that they have been converted/transferred to existing Hellenic Bank products. For any further changes, you will be informed via a relevant letter and/or through our branches.

Will the duration, expiry and terms I have signed for the Fixed-Term Deposit remain the same?

Yes, the duration, expiry and all terms of the Fixed-Term Deposit will remain the same until the expiry of the current fixed-term deposit, unless you have been otherwise informed by Hellenic Bank via a relevant letter.

Will deposits up to €100,000 still be guaranteed based on the directive regarding deposits in the European Union and the Deposit Guarantee Scheme?

Deposits up to €100,000 will be guaranteed, based on the directive regarding deposits in the European Union, and the Deposit Guarantee and Resolution of Credit and Other Institutions Scheme. It is worth noting that Hellenic Bank currently maintains very satisfactory liquidity and capital adequacy ratios.