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I receive Swift transfers from abroad. Will there be any change of which I should be notified?

The receipt of Swift transfers will continue normally, as before. Nevertheless, we recommend that you inform your associates/ senders about your new IBAN.

The new IBAN will appear on the Monthly Account Statement which we will be sending you after the integration. You can also obtain your new IBAN on your next visit to any Hellenic Bank branch, via Web Banking and Mobile App or by contacting the Customer Contact Centre on 8000 9999 or +357 22500500 (if calling from abroad). Regarding your new account number, you will receive a relevant letter after 16 September 2019.

Any Swift transfers received after Friday noon, 13 September 2019, will be credited to your account on Monday, 16 September 2019. For the purpose of calculating interest, their correct value date will be taken into account, i.e. Friday, 13 September 2019.

Will my standing orders inside and outside the Bank be affected (e.g. loan payments)?

No, your standing orders inside and outside the Bank will not be affected.

Will other banks/state agencies be informed about the changes in my accounts?

As regards inbound Swift transfers sent from other banks or state agencies to your Hellenic Bank account, we have ensured their smooth handling.No action will be needed on your part.

I am a GMI (Guaranteed Minimum Income) recipient. This is usually credited to my account by mid-month. Will there be any delay?

On the contrary, we have made special arrangements with the competent ministries and your benefit will be sent a few days earlier. The exact date will be announced by the competent state agencies on the Mass Media.