Welcome to your New Bank

2 September 2018

Dear Customer, 

We welcome you to Hellenic Bank.  From the 3rd of September and onwards you will be a customer of Hellenic Bank and this is very Good News for you. 

It's Good News because, starting tomorrow, you will be a member of the largest Retail Bank in Cyprus with the largest branch network. 

It's Good News because your new bank has a lot of liquidity, it is strong, sustainable and constantly evolving. 

It's Good News because, starting tomorrow, you will be enjoying the safety that the customers of Hellenic Bank, your new Bank, have been enjoying for over four decades.

It's Good News because you are gaining access to banking solutions with very competitive terms and conditions. 

Dear customer, your loans, your cards and your deposits will be transferred to Hellenic Bank, unchanged. We stand by you and are more than willing to discuss your banking affairs. All you need to do is visit or call your nearest branch and talk to us. I am sure that together we can figure out what is best for you, your family, your business. 

Whilst it is true that our branch network will be reduced, it is also true that Hellenic Bank has the largest retail footprint in Cyprus. Furthermore, we will soon be launching our mobile branch units that will be visiting and providing our services to specific areas. 

As I have already stated above, you will be gaining access to our suite of banking solutions for you personally or for your small business or large enterprise. Furthermore, you can now use our digital channels which include our Web Banking service and our award winning Mobile App. They are simple to use and give you the opportunity to conduct your daily business transactions at any time, from anywhere. We are investing in technology, in order to provide you with the best quality of services. We want to make life simpler for you. 

I am a big advocate of transparency and simplicity and I will be honest with you: 

We have a plan and the will to work hard for it. We have many goals and all of them concern you, our client. There are many things we need to sort out and we need to do it fast. This means that there will be times when we will ask for your patience and understanding. We are passionate about our work and our commitment and respect towards you, our new customer, represent our guiding core values. 

On behalf of all the staff, I welcome you to Hellenic Bank. Your new bank. 

Yiannis Matsis, CEO
Hellenic Bank