Enhanced Protection for Online Transactions Through Safe@Web

With the aim of providing enhanced protection in online transactions with Hellenic Bank cards and in line with the requirements of the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2), we have upgraded the process of customer authentication for online transactions through the Safe@Web service.

What's new?

In addition to using a One Time Password (OTP), which you will continue to receive via SMS, you will have to enter, as a second step, an extra element/piece of information that is known only to you.



Why is this change necessary?

This is a European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requirement and aims to enhance the security of payments and limit fraud during the customer authentication process.

This change ensures Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with the requirement of providing at least 2 of the following 3 components:

  1. Something you have (e.g. mobile phone number, One Time Password, etc.)
  2. Something you know (e.g. PIN, password, etc.)
  3. A unique physical characteristic of you (e.g. biometric features such as fingerprint, face recognition, etc.)