In prioritizing the health and well-being of its staff and customers due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, Hellenic Bank is taking all necessary measures to curtail the spread. Hellenic Bank is now operating a specific number of branches and monitoring access.

Please read below answers to frequently asked questions concerning the new measures taken related to COVID-19 and how they are affecting our line of business.

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Frequently asked questions

Need help? You can always contact us with any questions you may have, but first check our FAQ list to see if the answer's already here.

Will the measures taken to curtail the spread of COVID-19 affect my ability to manage my money and access my accounts?

Not at all. For your safe and prompt service we recommend:

  1. Using the Banks digital channels such Web Banking and Mobile App for your everyday transactions
  2. Visiting one of our ATMs
  3. Making use of Hellenic Banks contactless cards.

If it’s imperative to visit a branch, what measures has the bank taken for my safety?

Hellenic Bank implements preventive measures in its branch network such as:

  1. Increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitizations of all branch areas
  2. Requiring hand sanitization of employees and customers prior entering the branch
  3. Provision of hand sanitizing products for regular use by employees and customers
  4. Controlled customer flow system in stores following recent instructions
  5. Disinfecting surfaces including ATMs, elevator touch pads, door handles and other high touch areas
  6. Screening of body temperature of employees and customers prior entering the branches

In addition, Hellenic Bank requires:

  1. Employees who are feeling sick to stay home until they’re well
  2. Employees who have recently returned from any of the high-risk countries or who live in the same household with someone who has recently travelled to one of those identified regions to self-report.

How can I contact my Bank?

You can contact Hellenic Bank by:

  1. Calling the Customer Contact Center at 8000 9999 or 22 500 500 (international calls)
  2. Sending an email at
  3. Visiting online the Hellenic Banks dedicated COVID-19 section where you can find vital such as information on open branches.

I’m seeing an increase in emails from my Bank. Is this expected?

Not necessarily. Be wary of suspicious emails. There is an increase in phishing emails and as the situation evolves it is important that we all remain vigilant in protecting ourselves against fraud.

What if I need to pick-up my card and/or check book and my branch is closed?

No need to worry. A Hellenic Bank representative will contact you and inform you of possible ways of delivery/pick-up. All deliveries/pick-ups will be available from open branches.

What if my card is stuck in the ATM machine and the branch is closed?

Your card will be retrieved the next working day and a Hellenic Bank representative will inform you of possible ways of delivery/pick-up. All deliveries/pick-ups will be available from open branches

How long does it take for a cheque to deposit through an ATM?

The deposit will be executed the next working day

I have a scheduled appointment (i.e. delivery of documents, signing of documents) at a branch that is now closed. What should I do?

All pending agreements from closed branches will be handled by branches that continue to operate. You will be informed of the branch handling your agreements.

Is it possible to contact my branch while it is closed?

No, you can contact us by calling the Customer Contact Center at 8000 9999 or 22 500 500 (international calls)

IBCs are functioning as usual?

IBCs’ working hours have changed to 07:30 – 14:30 and all meetings are held via teleconferencing.