UEFA Champions League

Enjoy the ultimate UEFA Champions League experience….from the comfort of your couch!

Make your purchases with your Hellenic Bank Mastercard cards from 28/04/22 to 15/05/22 to claim 1 of the 10 packages that include:

  • 55” TV
  • Soundbar 5.1
The packages are courtesy of Mastercard, an official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League.

Participation Terms & Conditions

The Basic Terms and Conditions of Use of Hellenic Bank Services and any special Terms of Use of Hellenic Bank Cards apply.

All cardholders of Mastercard consumer credit and/or debit cards (the “Cards”) of Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd (The Bank”), who are permanent residents of Cyprus and use their Cards between 28/04/2022 to 15/05/2022 included (“Period of Participation”), will be entitled to participate in the competition. Business cards are not included in this competition.

Every Card transaction during the Period of Participation, corresponds to one participation to the draw.

Transaction means the usage of the Card at a point of sales (POS) and any online transaction at any merchant. In case of any transaction reversal fully or partially, the original transaction (payment / purchase) will not be included in the draw.

Any type of Card transactions (withdrawals, transfers, deposits etc.) at ATMs or at any of the Bank’s branches are not considered as transactions for the purposes of this competition and they will not be included in the draw.

A draw will take place after the end of the Period of Participation, and 10 individuals whose names are drawn will have the chance to win a gift package which includes

   • Α 55-inch TV and

   • A Soundbar 5.1

provided they successfully answer a question that they will be asked via phone call by an officer of the Bank. Upon answering correctly, disqualification from the contest and the gifts will be offered to the next runner-up who correctly answers the question.

The draw will take place, after the conclusion of the Period of Participation.

The draw will be executed by the Bank’s officers at the Card Services premises under the supervision of an Internal Audit Officer of the Bank.

The winners will be entitled to receive their gifts if they have no arrears and/or have other pending liabilities against Hellenic Bank on the date of the draw.

Gifts need to be claimed by the winner from the merchant that the Bank will communicate to the winner, within one (1) month from the date the Bank has notified the winner as provided under paragraph 5 of the present terms and conditions of participation, otherwise the gifts will be offered to the next runner up who answers correctly the question.

It is noted that the Bank will communicate the information (name, surname and ID number) of each winner to the merchant that will provide the gift, for identification purposes of the winner from the merchant at the time of delivery of the gifts.

The gifts are not exchanged for money or any other product or banking product or service of the Bank.

The Bank and/or its employees and/or officials are under no circumstances liable for any direct or indirect or incidental damages, costs and expenses that may result from any interruption, malfunction or delay, gifts’ malfunction or defect or any accident and/or damage and/or bodily or material damage caused to them during usage of the gifts, or for any other reason.

If any winner refuses to receive the gifts for any reason or fails to answer correctly to the question or is disqualified from the draw according to these terms and conditions of participation, or any effort to contact him/her proves to be unsuccessful for five (5) consecutive days following the date of the draw, the Bank has the right to offer the gifts to the next runner-up who answers correctly the question and meets the criteria of the competition in accordance with the present terms and conditions of participation.

The Bank reserves the right, at any time, to revoke and/or cancel the competition and/or extend its duration (including the expiration date of the competition, the participation dates and/or the draw date) at its own discretion as well as to amend these terms of participation. Any amendments will be binding to all the parties involved and the Bank accepts no responsibility regarding these amendments. In the event of revocation, cancellation and/or amendment, as above-mentioned, the Bank will inform the public by posting a notice on its website.

Processing of personal data will be in accordance with the provisions of the applicable General Data Protection Regulation and relevant Cyprus legal framework.

For more information regarding how the Bank processes personal data of winners, can be found in the Bank’s Privacy Notice which is available at the Bank’s website.

Participation to the competition shall be construed as full and unreserved acceptance of the present terms and conditions of participation.

In addition to the present Participation Terms and Conditions, the Basic Terms and Conditions of Use of Hellenic Bank Services and any other special Terms of Use of Hellenic Bank Cards apply.