Mobile Banking Unit

Our Bank's First Mobile Banking Unit, on a “road trip” to communities

Hitting the streets on Monday, November 12

Social sensitivity and contribution to the Cypriot communities

Technologically advanced design and construction, based on the European and G4S security measures

Exceptional service, pleasant experience and respect to the environment

ATM and elevator facility for convenient access to the elderly

Offering services to both ex-COOP and Hellenic Bank customers


Cash Deposit / Withdrawal

Deposit /Redemption of Cheque

Payment of utility bills

Fixed Term Deposit Creation /Renewal

Closing Account

Update data

Requests for any other service

1st Mobile Banking Unit Routes

2nd Mobile Banking Unit Routes

   * Every 2 weeks, starting from 07/10/2019

  ** Every 2 weeks, starting from 14/10/2019

 *** Every 2 weeks, starting from 08/10/2019

**** Every 2 weeks, starting from 15/10/2019