Road Tax Renewal


Terms of Participation regarding the Hellenic Bank Mobile App contest for five (5) winners who are entitled to win €1.000 each in their Mple Rewards app (the “Contest”):


Five (5) lucky participants will win €1.000 each in their Mple Rewards App, to be spent at merchants which participate in the Mple Rewards scheme.

Terms and Conditions

Tax License Renewal 2023 via Hellenic Bank Mobile App

All Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd (“Hellenic Bank”/” Bank”) cardholders who log in to the Hellenic Bank Mobile App and renew their 2023 Road Tax licence via “JCC Smart- Pay bills with your bank account” or who pay with their Hellenic Bank card via Jccsmart’s portal/application will be entitled to participate in the Contest. Thereafter, they need to download and register on the Mple Rewards App within the Contest’s duration as set out in point 2.

The duration of the Contest is defined as the period from 04/01/2023 to 11/03/2023 included.

The prize cannot be exchanged for money (in total or partly) or any other banking product or service of the same value.

There will be one (1) draw which will include all the participants.

The draw will be carried out after the conclusion of the Contest period as set out in term 2 above, by the Bank’s officers at the Card & Loyalty premises under the supervision of an Internal Audit Officer of the Bank.

The winners of the Contest will be notified by a team member from Hellenic Bank’s Customer Contact Centre via telephone and they will have the chance to win the prize once they correctly answer a question. Upon answering correctly, they will receive their credit in their Mple Rewards App. A wrong answer will lead to the participant’s disqualification from the Contest and the prize will be offered to the next runner-up who answers the question correctly.

The €1000 prize which will be credited to the Mple Rewards App can be redeemed by 31/12/2023.

In case one of the winners refuses to receive his prize or is excluded from the Contest in accordance with Terms of Participation, or for any other reason, or any attempt to contact him for three (3) consecutive times, within ten (10) days from the date of the draw is unsuccessful, then Hellenic Bank has the right to award the prize to the first runner-up who will correctly answer the question.

The winners will be entitled to receive their prize provided that they have no overdue debts to Hellenic Bank on the date of the draw.

Hellenic Bank reserves the right, at any time, to revoke and / or cancel the Contest and / or extend its duration (including the end of the Contest, the dates of participation in the Contest, and / or the dates of the draw) or any other provision of the Terms of Participation, at its discretion. Any amendments will be binding to all the parties involved and Hellenic Bank takes no responsibility regarding these amendments. In case of such revocation, cancellation and / or modification, Hellenic Bank will inform the public by posting a relevant announcement on its website

By participating in the Contest each winner, unconditionally consents to all the above and waives the right to the payment of any fee or compensation from Hellenic Bank or any claim against Hellenic Bank.

Hellenic Bank and / or its employees and / or officials are under no circumstances liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental damages, losses, costs, and expenses that may result from any interruption, malfunction or delay, poor performance or any defect of the prize to be delivered by suppliers. Hellenic Bank and / or its employees and / or officials are not liable for any criminal or civil responsibility towards any winner or third party, for any accident and / or damage and / or bodily or material damage caused to them during use of the prizes, or for any other reason.

Hellenic Bank does not have any responsibility with regards to the terms of use, including the processing of personal data, of media, social media networks, the internet and/or any third parties involved.

It is clarified that "Meta" is not related to, nor manages, promotes, or enhances the Contest in any way.

Personal data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the applicable General Data Protection Regulation and relevant Cyprus legal framework as well as the Privacy Policy of the Bank which is available on the website of the Bank and forms an integral part of the Terms of Participation.

Participation in the Contest shall be construed as full and unreserved acceptance of the Terms of Participation.

The Basic Terms and Conditions of Use of Hellenic Bank Services, the special Terms of Use of Digital Banking of Hellenic Bank and the Terms and Conditions for Use of Hellenic Bank Cards apply.

1Terms regarding the transactions at Mple participating merchants can be found at the Bank’s website at