Your summer in one card!

Summer Competition

60 winners - 6 weeks - €60.000

This summer make your payments with your Hellenic Bank cards and enter the draw to become one of the 60 lucky winners who will each win €1,000.

If you have a card but have not used it yet, do it now and become one of the 20 lucky winners who will win an additional €500 each.

Competition duration: 29/07/2020 - 08/09/2020

1 transaction = 1 draw entry

Participation Terms

The Basic Terms and Conditions of Use of Hellenic Bank Services and any special Terms of Use of Hellenic Bank Cards apply.

All Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd (“Hellenic Bank”/”The Bank”) cards, credit, debit and prepaid, will participate in the competition where the cardholders  are permanent residents in Cyprus.

All Hellenic bank’s cards used between 29/07/20 - 08/09/20 included, will be entitled to participate in the competition.

Every card transaction equals to one participation to the draw.

Transaction means the usage of the card at point of sales (POS) or any online transaction at any merchant. In case of transaction reversal (full or partial), the original transaction (payment or purchase) will not participate in the draw.

Card transactions at ATMs or at any bank’s branches are not considered as transactions for the purposes of this competition and they will not participate in the draw.

Every week and for a period of 6 weeks, 10 winners, will win the amount of €1000 each. The amount will be credited to the connected with the card account of every winner.

In the draw, cardholders that have activated their cards for the first time during the period mentioned in clause 2 above, will also participate. In addition, these cardholders will participate in a second draw at the end of the competition, where 20 winners will win the amount of €500 each. For this special draw every transaction with the card equals to one participation to the draw including any cash withdrawals from ATMs or at any bank’s branches.

Each cardholder may win the amount of €1000 more than once. Any cardholder, winner of the €1000 prize, may also win the prize of €500 as well as mentioned in clause 7 above.

There will be six weekly draws that will include all cardholders who used their cards to perform transactions in the following periods:

  • 29/07/20 - 04/08/20
  • 05/08/20 - 11/08/20
  • 12/08/20 - 18/08/20
  • 19/08/20 - 25/08/20
  • 26/08/20 – 01/09/20
  • 02/09/20 – 08/09/20

Another draw will also take place at the end of the competition for the cardholders that they have activated/used their cards for the first time as per clause 7 above.

The draws will be executed by the Bank’s officers at the Card Services premises under the supervision of an Internal Audit Officer of the Bank.

All winners will be contacted by the Bank’s Customer Contact Centre by phone.

The winners will be entitled to receive their prize provided that they have no overdues to Hellenic Bank on the date of each draw.

The prizes cannot be exchanged with any other banking product or services of Hellenic Bank.

If the winner refuses to receive the prize for any reason or is disqualified from the draw according to the Terms of Participation, or any effort to contact him proves to be unsuccessful for five (5) consecutive days following the date of the draw, Hellenic Bank is authorized to offer the prize to the first runner-up.

Hellenic Bank reserves the right to withdraw and/or cancel the competition and/or extend its duration (including the expiration date of the competition, the participation dates and/or the draw dates) at its own discretion as well as to amend these Terms of Participation In the event of such revocation, cancellation and/or amendment, Hellenic Bank will inform and/or notify the public by posting a notice on its website.

Participation to the competition shall be construed as full and unreserved acceptance of the Terms of Participation.

The Basic Terms and Conditions of Use of Hellenic Bank Services and special Terms of Use of Hellenic Bank Cards apply.