A digiPIN is an electronic device that allows you to securely identify yourself and make transactions.

Activate your digiPIN

To activate your digiPIN device you must follow the simple steps as described below:

  • Insert your Web Banking credentials to login to the services.
  • Choose from the menu Settings (for Personal Version) or choose from the menu Others and then Settings (for Business Version).
  • Choose Setup digiPIN from the sub-menu.
  • Fill in the relevant fields and click on Submit.

digiPIN Disposal policy

Since a digiPIN is an electronic device, you should not dispose it as a normal household waste. As Hellenic Bank considers the environmental consequences, it has developed the following process for the collection and handling of digiPIN devices.

Deliver it to any Hellenic Bank Branch

Find closest branch

Send it by post to the following address

Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd Electronic Banking Division PO Box 24747 1394 Nicosia Cyprus

For further information

Hellenic Bank Service Line

From Abroad