A secure way to login and authorise transactions in Hellenic Bank Web Banking and Mobile App with a simple message

The way you login and authorise transactions is changing.

We are replacing Digipin devices with SMS OTP (One Time Password)

  • Why is the change happening?
  • How does this affect me?
  • How do I enable SMS OTP?
  • What are the benefits of using SMS OTP?
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    Why is the change happening?

    The way you are currently authorising transactions and login is changing.  The Digipin used to authorise transactions will be discontinued and replaced by SMS OTP (One Time Password).

    The change is part of the EU PSD2 (Payments Service Directive 2) Regulation.

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    How does this affect me?

    • If you are a customer who is currently conducting transactions via Web Banking or Mobile App you will need to enable SMS OTP. SMS OTP will replace Digipins during the authorisation stage of the transaction and will be required during login. Instead of using the Digipin, Hellenic Bank will send an SMS OTP to your registered phone number and you will be prompted to enter this code onscreen before completing the transaction.

    • With the SMS OTP, an OTP code is generated specifically for each of your transactions, based on data from your transaction such as the beneficiary’s account, the currency, the amount. The SMS OTP can only be used once per transaction.
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    How do I enable SMS OTP?

    • To enable the SMS OTP service:
    • - You will need to log in to Web Banking with your username and password,
    • - Go to Settings and then Security, select your phone number and answer some security questions to finalise the process.
    • - In case your registered phone number has changed please contact your branch.
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    What are the benefits of using SMS OTP?

    • There are numerous benefits of using this service:
    • - The service is free and can be enabled by all Retail customers who wish to make transactions online
    • - It’s convenient as its delivered to your mobile phone device, removing the need to carry a specific device with you
    • - It’s secure, as it is used in conjunction with your user name and password
    • - It’s unique, it’s generated once and used for a specific transaction
Help and support

Frequently asked questions

Need help? You can always contact us with any questions you may have, but first check our FAQ list to see if the answer's already here.

What is Strong Customer Authentication?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), also referred to as Two Factor Authentication (2FA) means authentication based on the use of two or more factors. To provide you with a high level of protection, two or more factors are used to generate a secure authentication code.

How much does the SMS OTP service cost?

The SMS OTP service is free of charge.

Can I enable SMS OTP through the Hellenic Mobile app?

At the moment the service can only be enabled via Hellenic Bank Web banking.

What happens to my old DigiPin?

On 15/04/2020 Digipin devices will be discontinued. You can leave your Digipin Device to Hellenic Bank Branch, we will recycle the device.

What happens If I do not enable SMS OTP?

If you do not enable SMS OTP by 15/04/2020 you will not be able to approve transactions for transfers to other Hellenic customers, other local banks, international transfers or make actions that require additional authorisation. You will also be requested to enable SMS OTP in order to login.

Can I use more than one ways of approving transactions?

No, once you have activated SMS OTP it becomes the default means of approving transactions

What happens if my phone number has changed?

To enable SMS OTP, you will need to have an up to date mobile phone number with us. To do that you have to visit any of our branches.

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