Accessing Hellenic Bank ATMs

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Need help? You can always contact us for any questions you have. But before you do, take a look at our FAQ list to see if your questions have already been answered.

What transactions can I carry out at Hellenic Bank’s ATMs?

Hellenic Bank’s ATMs allow you not only to withdraw cash from your account but also give you the opportunity to conveniently: make cash and cheque deposits, balance enquiries, money transfers between accounts, print out mini statements, reset card PINs, unblock cards, apply for e-statements and more.

What type of cards can be used at Hellenic Bank ATMs?

Our ATMs are designed to accept all types of Hellenic Bank Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards, as well as all Mastercard and Visa cards from other banks.

Can I carry out contactless transactions at Hellenic Bank ATMs?

Yes, Hellenic Bank ATMs allow you to simply tap your card on the contactless symbol, located next to the card slot. It is important that you hold your card over the reader (the contactless symbol) for a few seconds before removing it. Green indicator lights or a beep sound will indicate you are ok to proceed and enter your PIN. Contactless transactions are currently available for Hellenic Bank cardholders only.

Where are Hellenic Bank’s ATMs located?

You can find our list of ATMs on our website here or through your Hellenic Bank Mobile App’s map.