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What is the Hellenic Bank Wallet?

The Hellenic Bank Wallet is a new free payment service offered by Hellenic Bank. It's a digital version of your wallet, that lives on your mobile device instead of in your back pocket. It provides a convenient way to pay for goods and services with your smartphone.

To start adding your VISA and Mastercard cards and make payments with your wallet, just download the Hellenic Bank Wallet app from Google Play. The app is currently only available on Android devices with Android version 5+. Additionally, your smartphone must support NFC functionality.

How to add a card

  • Download the Hellenic Bank Wallet app from Google Play
  • Launch the app
  • Tap on the “+” icon to add a card
  • Type in your card details or scan the card by pressing the camera icon
  • Accept the Bank's Terms and Conditions
  • Select an authentication method: We can send you an OTP code via SMS or you can call our Customer Contact Centre
  • Type in the code to authenticate your card
  • Once completed, unlock and hold your smartphone over the POS terminal, with your screen facing up, to make a payment.

Things to know before making payments with your Hellenic Bank Wallet

You must set a secure authentication method on your device, such as PIN or Fingerprint

Your device must support NFC and it should be enabled before making payments

Only Hellenic Bank VISA and Mastercard cards are supported

Your smartphone's screen must be facing up before making a payment

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Help and support

Frequently asked questions

Need help? You can always contact us for any questions you have. But before you do, take a look at our FAQ list to see if your questions have already been answered.

What is Hellenic Bank Wallet for Android?

Hellenic Bank Wallet for Android enables you to make payments using your Android smartphone, on any NFC capable Merchant POS device.

Where can I get this app?

The Hellenic Bank Wallet can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is only available on Android phones.

What requirements does my phone need to meet to be able to use the app?

  1. Android device
  2. NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology
  3. Android OS 5.0+, not rooted

In case your smartphone does not comply with the requirements above an error message is shown (i.e. Device does not support NFC, Device does not support HCE) on the Hellenic Bank Wallet.

How do I find and enable NFC on my phone?

The “Search” method is the fastest, and it works the same on all Android phones.

  1. First, open “Settings”
  2. Then, in the search field on the top, type and search for "NFC”
  3. Open “NFC and payment”
  4. Turn on

If Android returns a search result like NFC or Near Field Communication, then NFC is available on your Android smartphone.

If it does not return any results, then your device does not support NFC.

Alternatively, you may:

  1. Tap on “Settings.”
  2. Select “Connections””
  3. Select “NFC and payment”
  4. Turn on

How do I de-activate NFC on my Android device?

Following the same procedure as above, turning off instead of on.

Can I use the Hellenic Bank Wallet on multiple Android devices?

The Hellenic Bank Wallet can be downloaded on as many devices as you wish, given that they meet the requirements stated above.

Can I add my card(s) on multiple devices?

Given that the smartphones have the app installed, you can add all your cards.

Which cards can be loaded onto the wallet?

All Hellenic Bank VISA and Mastercard cards can be loaded, except for the YOLO card.

Can I use the app on an iOS device?

Hellenic Bank’s Wallet is only available to Android devices, which meet the above requirements.

What is the cost for using the Hellenic Bank Wallet?

The Hellenic Bank Wallet is free of charge.

Do I have to setup an authentication method for my mobile device in order to be able to enroll my cards?

In order to be able to enroll your cards we will need to setup the below authentication methods on your mobile: Password/PIN/Pattern or Biometric. In case there is no authentication method activated, or the authentication method is swipe, then the card cannot be enrolled. 

How do I add my card to the Hellenic Bank Wallet?

Follow the simple steps below to add your Hellenic Bank card(s) to your Wallet:

  1. Ensure that your smartphone is connected to the internet.
  2. Launch the Hellenic Bank Wallet.
  3. On the landing page (My Cards) press the “+” symbol.
  4. You can add a card by either:
    1. Entering required card details (number, expiry date, CVV2)
    2. Scanning the card, through the option available in the Hellenic Bank Wallet.
  5. You must then accept the Bank’s Terms and Conditions.
  6. The app will then ask you to select an authentication method to confirm the secure addition of the card:
    1. SMS- One Time Password authentication: Select this option and press continue. Once you receive the code (via SMS), enter the OTP and press ‘Submit’ to complete the process.
    2. Through the Hellenic Bank Customer Contact Centre: First select this option in the Hellenic Bank Wallet, then call the Hellenic Bank Customer Contact Centre, to guide you and authenticate your card, keeping in mind that the app needs to be connected to the internet, to complete the process.

During the card authentication phase, I pressed ‘Back’ by mistake and the card is listed as inactive. What should I do?

You can repeat the process by deleting/removing the card and following the steps to re-register your card. See previous FAQ “How do I add my card to the Hellenic Bank Wallet”.

I have not received my physical card yet. Can I still use the app?

Given that to register a card in the app you need to enter information that is on the actual card, it is not possible to add it, until you receive it.

What do I need to do to add more than one card in the app?

You can add more cards in the app by repeating the registration and authentication steps detailed above.

The OTP password has not been received and/or has expired. What can I do?

You can try resending the SMS OTP, be pressing the resend link under the OTP field. Also, ensure you have registered your phone number with the Bank. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Contact Centre.

How can I remove a card from the app?

Ensure that your smartphone is connected to the internet, press the three dots next to the card you wish to remove and select “Delete Card”. You will receive a notification confirming the card has been removed from the app.

Can I add a card that I have previously removed from the app?

Yes, you can do so by following the normal procedure to add a card.

How do I temporarily deactivate a card?

You can deactivate/reactivate your app loaded card(s) by clicking on the three dots next to the card you want to deactivate and tapping on the option “Deactivate/Activate”. Please note that you can temporarily activate/deactivate a card(s) even if your smartphone is not connected to the internet.

How can I authenticate a transaction carried out with the Hellenic Bank Wallet?

Unlock your phone and use any of the available Android mobile phone authentication methods:

PIN, Password or Biometric.

Where can I use the Hellenic Bank Wallet to carry out payments?

At any merchant POS device that accepts contactless NFC payments.

How do I complete a payment using the Hellenic Bank Wallet?

When prompted at the merchant POS device, hold your unlocked smartphone over the merchant’s POS device, which will send the payment for processing.

Please note that if the smartphone is awoken and not unlocked, you will need to unlock it first and then hold your unlocked smartphone over the merchant’s POS device.  

If your smartphone is unlocked for more than 45 seconds, for security purposes, the Hellenic Bank Wallet will request you to authenticate once again, prior to carrying out any transaction. Each phone authentication is valid for one payment within 45 seconds.

How do I know if a transaction has been sent for processing?

You will receive a notification on your smartphone informing you that a transaction is being processed/declined.

How do I know a transaction has been completed?

From the merchant’s POS device screen and receipt printed out, plus by checking your card balance. You can also check your card statement from your Hellenic Bank Online Banking account (Web Banking and Hellenic Bank Mobile App).

I have multiple cards in the Hellenic Bank Wallet. Can I set a default card for my transactions?

Yes, you can do so by using one of the following options:

  1. By clicking on the three dots next to the card you wish to make the default card and select “Set as default”.
  2. By selecting the “√” symbol at the bottom left side of the card

You can only set one card as the default card in the wallet.  

How do I know if a store accepts payments through the Hellenic Bank Wallet?

Stores that carry the NFC logo on their POS devices accept payments through the Hellenic Bank Wallet.

Can I still carry out payments with the Hellenic Bank Wallet if my device is not connected to the internet?

You can still carry out transactions even if you are not connected to the internet, noting that a limit on how many you can carry out still applies. That limit gets refreshed when your smartphone connects to the internet.

What does the ‘I” symbol in the Hellenic Bank Wallet next to my card mean?

It indicates that you are nearing your limit on the transactions you can carry out without an internet connection.

Does the NFC function need to be on when carrying out a transaction?

Given that NFC is required for the smartphone to communicate with the POS device, yes, it is essential that NFC is enabled.

Can I view my recent transactions through the Hellenic Bank Wallet?

Yes, you can, by pressing the three dots next to the selected card, followed by “Recent Transactions”. The “Recent Transactions” always retrieves the last 10 transactions, for a maximum of 30 days.

I carried out a transaction and the card number displayed is different from the physical card that I connected to the Hellenic Bank Wallet, and subsequently used for the transaction. Why is that?

For security purposes, any card that is loaded in the app, is assigned a number. Therefore, your actual card details will not be exchanged with the POS device during the transaction.

My card has expired. How does it affect my Hellenic Bank Wallet?

You will have to remove the current enrolled card from your Hellenic Bank Wallet and enroll your new card once again. This action must be done for any enrolled cards that expire.

I cannot seem to be able to make a payment with the Hellenic Bank Wallet. What should I do?

Making a payment with the Hellenic Bank Wallet is quite easy, but certain prerequisites are essential, as detailed above. Here is a quick checklist of the requirements:

  • Does the POS terminal you are trying to carry out the payment accept Contactless transactions?
  • Are you holding your smartphone close enough to the POS terminal? (proximity is essential)
  • Is the NFC function on your smartphone enabled?
  • Is your smartphone screen facing up?
  • If you have more than one card, please ensure that you have selected the correct default card.
  • Are you within the available limit of transactions that you can carry out without an internet connection?

If you are still unable to carry out a payment, you can always call the Hellenic Bank Customer Contact Centre for further assistance.

What happens if I lose my smartphone the Hellenic Bank Wallet is installed on, and my card has been lost/stolen/damaged?

It is important to have in mind that for a purchase of any amount, your smartphone needs to be authenticated (PIN, Password or Biometric). Nevertheless, in case of loss, theft or unauthorised use of your smartphone, or your card, you must immediately call our Customer Contact Centre at 8000 9999 (free local calls) or +35722 500 500 (from abroad) to report the incident.

Additionally, in case of loss of card, you can use “Report as lost or stolen” and “Block your card” functionalities via the Hellenic Bank Mobile App to temporarily block your card.

I tried to install the Hellenic Bank Wallet on my smartphone, and I received the message “Unauthorised Device. Your device is compromised. For security reasons please install application on an uncompromised device”. Why did I get this error?

The reason behind this error is that the device you are using, is rooted.

You must carry out a factory reset on your device and reinstall the Android Operation System. An Android Operation System 5.0 or later version of Android Operation System installed (not rooted), is required.

I received a warning “Available transactions for payment without internet connection are running low on the wallet card. Please connect to internet so that the card is refreshed with more transactions.” What do I have to do?

As the warning message informs, you must connect to the internet when possible, so that the available transactions are refreshed. Otherwise, there is risk that your next transactions will be declined, until they are refreshed.

The error “Hellenic Bank Wallet Version out-of-date, please upgrade” has appeared. What do I have to do?

As the error indicates, you must update the Hellenic Bank Wallet to the latest version, through the Google Play Store.

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