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Benefits at a glance

Biometric login Log in easily with Face ID or your fingerprint!

Contact Pay Easy and instant payments to your smartphone’s contacts, from your Hellenic Bank accounts

Seamless approvals No more 8-digit SMS OTP! Approving transfers are as easy as a fingerprint or a face away

Banking made simple

View your accounts, transactions and cards in seconds. Make transfers and payments in just 4 steps. Perform quick actions instantly, with biometric authentication.

Stay tuned with push notifications

Keep track of every transaction that comes in and out of your bank account or get a daily balance every morning with real-time push notifications.

Maintain full control by reviewing and managing your account activity.

Protecting you is our priority

Biometric identification for authorisation so you can rest assured you're safe when making payments or transfers. Always in control with full access over your cards and the ability to freeze it in case it’s missing.

Don’t have credentials?

Get online access to your accounts and cards through our registration form.

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Help and support

Frequently asked questions

Need help? You can always contact us for any questions you have. But before you do, take a look at our FAQ list to see if your questions have already been answered.

How can I access to the Hellenic Bank Mobile App?

In order to access the Hellenic Bank Mobile App, you need to firstly download the app from the relevant store (Google Play or App store) and ensure you have credentials to login. To get your Online Banking credentials, Username and Password, register here

Please note that to be able to do so, you will need to have a registered mobile phone number with us. If not please register it by calling our Customer Contact Centre. Following your successful registration, you will be able to login to the Hellenic Bank Mobile App using the Password you have created and the Username we’ve sent via SMS.

How can I find my Online Banking credentials (Username and Password)?

If you forgot your Username, just call our Customer Contact Centre at 8000 9999 (free local calls) or +35722500500 (from abroad) and they’ll be happy to help.
If you forgot your password, click here to reset it.

I forgot or locked my password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten or locked your password, you can reset it online by clicking here. You will need your Username, your ID or passport and access to an email address or a mobile phone number registered with the Bank. If you need any help, just call our Customer Contact Centre at 8000 9999 (free local calls) or +35722500500 (from abroad) and they’ll be happy to assist you.

Why do I need to have a registered mobile phone number with you?

For us to be able to send you a verification code during Online Banking registration, to receive your Username and to be able to login, you are required to have a registered mobile phone number with us.

Can I access the Hellenic Bank Mobile App on a device with a different phone number than my registered phone number?

Yes, but we don't recommend it. The phone's biometric access is the key to your banking accounts.

What is Contact Pay and how can I enable it?

Contact Pay is the easiest way to pay or receive money from your smartphone’s contact list via Hellenic Bank accounts.  

You can enable it during your enrolment on the Hellenic Bank Mobile App or you can go to “More” on the main menu and enable.  The contact you are transferring money to must also have Contact Pay enabled and a Hellenic Bank account.

What is Biometric identification and how can I enable it.

Biometric identification allows you to login to the Hellenic Bank Mobile App and authenticate payments using biometric data such as face recognition or fingerprint, depending on the biometric element you have registered on your device. Before enabling “Biometric” you must make sure that you have at least one biometric element: face recognition or fingerprint, enabled on your phone.  Android phones only accept fingerprint biometrics. You can enable it during your enrolment.

Can I install the Hellenic Bank Mobile App on more than one device?

No, you can only have one (1) registered device per user. If you register on a new device, the old device will be automatically unregistered.

Can I change my Password using the app?

Yes, once it expires, you can change your Password within the app, after you've logged in.

Which accounts are available through my Hellenic Bank Mobile App?

You can access all your personal accounts, which include our current, savings, deposit, credit/debit card, loan and mortgage accounts. However, you cannot access any of your business accounts.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

We always recommend you close the app after using, but if you didn't don't worry! We would also recommend giving us a call to ensure no foul play.

What happens if I changed my mobile phone number?

Please call our Customer Contact Centre at 8000 9999 (free local calls) or +35722500500 (from abroad) to register your new mobile phone number.

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Our step-by-step guide outlines the new, upgraded Hellenic Bank Mobile App’s main features. We have redesigned it so you can carry out your transactions in a snapp with appsolute ease!