Hellenic Bank Rewards

Welcome to Mple!

Use any Hellenic Bank card at the merchants participating in the scheme and enjoy cashback in your Mple Rewards app!

All you have to do to redeem your cashback is to download the Mple Rewards app.

You can find the offers of each participating merchant and keep track of your wallet’s balance via the Mple Rewards app.

Download the Mple Rewards app free from Google Play, the App Store or Huawei AppGallery:

Features and Benefits
All Hellenic Bank cards participate in the Mple Rewards Scheme
The rewards scheme that gives you cashback instead of points
Instant cashback into your account
Special offers exclusively for the Mple Rewards app users, to enjoy even more cashback
170+ businesses and over 500 points of sale
Participants include supermarkets, gas stations, airlines, department stores, restaurants, hotels, etc.
Discover the participating merchants
Terms & Conditions

Find out the general terms of the Mple Rewards Scheme.

Frequently asked questions
We answer your questions about Mple.
You can always contact us with any questions you may have, but first check our FAQ list to see if the answer's already here.
What is Mple?
Mple is a cashback loyalty scheme from Hellenic Bank. Hellenic Bank cardholders are rewarded with cashback when they pay with their Hellenic Bank cards at participating merchants.
Do I need to have a specific Hellenic Bank debit or credit card to be eligible to sign up?
All Hellenic Bank credit, debit and prepaid cards participate in the Mple Rewards scheme.  All you need to do is to download and register in the Scheme via the Mple Rewards App.
I only have a business card. Can I still sign up fro Mple?
Yes, you can. Purchases with your business card at participating merchants will earn you cashback but you can only claim the cashback if you have a personal debit or credit card with Hellenic Bank. Cashback can only be redeemed on a personal card. 
Do I have to pay a fee to join?
No, it is free of charge. All cardholders can start collecting and redeeming cashback at the participating merchants, as soon as they  register in the Scheme via the Mple Rewards App.
How much cashback will I earn with every purchase?
That depends on the offer provided by the participating merchant. You can see the offers of each participating merchant via the Mple Rewards app.
How can I redeem my cashback?

Your cashback goes into your wallet. 

You can redeem your cashback when the amount you have collected is equal to or more than the minimum set cashback (€1). You can keep track of your wallet’s balance and set your cashback preferences via the Mple Rewards app.

Can you give me an example?
Sure. When you make a purchase to a participating merchant, you will pay the entire purchase amount. Once the transaction is completed, your preselected card account will be automatically credited with cashback from your wallet (based on your cashback preferences as explained above). The cashback redeemed cannot exceed the transaction amount.

•    The minimum cashback is set at €1
•    You’ve accumulated €10
•    You buy items worth €15 from a participating merchant/business partner. 
•    Once your transaction is completed, €10 will be transferred from your wallet to your card account. Please remember that the cashback redeemed (in this case €10) cannot exceed the transaction amount (in this case €15).

Are there different ways to earn cashback?

Participating merchants offer cashback rewards as follows:

General Offers: A fixed percentage offered as cashback which varies amongst merchants. Cashback accumulated by all participating merchants in the wallet can be redeemed at any participating merchant.  

Special/Basic Offers: In addition to the General Offers, you also earn cashback through Special/Basic Offers offered by the participating merchants. The money collected from each Special / Basic Offer, have specific terms and conditions and can be redeemed only to the merchant who offers it.

How can I find out what Special Offers are available?
All Special Offers along with their Terms and Conditions are listed on the Mple Rewards app. 
How can I see how much cashback I’ve earned?
You can see the cash you’ve earned via the Mple Rewards app.
Is there a maximum cashback amount that I can collect or redeem?
There is no limit on the amount you can collect or redeem.
When will I receive cashback into my wallet?
Automatically, after the completion of each transaction. 
I have not received the cashback I was expecting. Why?
If the cashback does not appear immediately after the transaction is completed, it could be that the transaction has not yet being processed by the Bank. If the cashback does not appear within 2 working days, please contact our Customer Contact Center at 8000 9999.
Do I earn cashback from online purchases?
Yes, provided that the online merchant participates in the scheme.
Is there an expiration date for the cashback in my wallet?

The cashback you have earned in your wallet from the General Offers, expires two (2) years from the date earned. 

The cashback you have earned in your wallet from the Basic Offers, expires one (1) year from the date earned. 

The expiration date for the cashback you have earned in your wallet from the Special Offers, is governed by Terms & Conditions as they are stated in the information of each Special Offer.

Can I transfer my cashback to another person's card?
Cashback is non-transferable.
If I cancel my card, or if it is stolen or destroyed, do I lose the cashback I have earned?
No, your cashback will remain in your wallet. Your cashback is not lost but can be redeemed only if you get a new card, register in Mple Rewards Scheme and redeem your cashback before it expires. 
On how many devices can I install the Mple Rewards app?
There is no limit. You can install it on all your devices.
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